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Burn - Single

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Boy/Girl duo Edits return with the thunderous “Burn”, drawing inspiration from early Muse, Death From Above 1979 and Nine Inch Nails, it’s their heaviest song to date.

Pulsing, driving and blood pumping, ‘Burn’ interweaves distortion drenched guitars with arpeggiating synth lines and soars into anthemic choruses.


“I wanted Burn to be the antithesis of Cold (the band’s 2018 single about the inability to feel).

Burn is about finding that raw spark inside you and about letting every little bit of emotion out. Burn is the feeling of freedom and invincibility I get when we play live.” (Liv, Vocals & Synths)


Burn is completely self produced, culminating from the band’s time studying at The University of Salford, where they began their musical journey. Liv (Vocals & Synths) and Chris (Guitars) have known each other since the age of 15 but it was during this time that things really began to fall into place. Having moved back to Cheshire, the band still spend a lot of time gigging in their adopted home of Manchester, but equally now in their hometown of Northwich, in which there is an ever increasing music scene.


“Burn” is out on Friday 14th June on all major streaming platforms.


For fans of Muse, Royal Blood, Death From Above 1979, Chvrches and Nine Inch Nails.

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