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Edits are a Boy/Girl duo from the heart of Cheshire creating a unique blend of synth-pop and alt-rock.

Liv Westhead (Vocals/Synths) and Chris Abbott (Guitars) create ambitious, atmospheric, 'electronic other world-ness.’ 

Hints of Chvrches, The XX & Radiohead shine through amongst crystal clear vocals and thunderous guitars.


Think a Manc version of The XX with a different twist. It’s ambitious synth pop that stands out from your average. A bit of a Mogwai with vocals feel to them.

 - Louder Than War


The pair met aged 15 and have been writing together ever since but it wasn’t until studying Popular Music & Recording at Salford Uni that things began to fall into place and Edits was born.

Drawing inspiration from other Salford grads Everything Everything and Dutch Uncles, Edits began to carve out their own sound and make their mark on the Manchester scene.


Having moved back to Cheshire, the band still spend a lot of time gigging in their adopted home of Manchester, but equally now in their hometown of Northwich, in which there is an ever increasing music scene.

Edits take pride in their D.I.Y. aesthetic; producing everything they make themselves, even their music videos. Their live setup is far from ordinary, making use of samples to bring their visions to life.


'as beautiful as it gets... their dark and brooding post rock deserves a wider audience. This is a band that needs to reach for the heavens' - Truluv

'Electronic other world-ness' - Little Indie Blogs

'One of the UK’s most underappreciated duos' - Small Music Network

The band's 3rd and latest EP ‘Re-Surface' (2018) features synth-pop anthem 'Don't Speak' and is an amalgamation of their diverse song writing and influences.

'Re-Surface is the sort of EP that an established band would be lauded for' 

- Even The Stars


Their latest single “Burn” (2019) draws inspiration from early Muse, Death From Above 1979 and Nine Inch Nails, it’s their heaviest song to date and out on Friday 14th June on all major streaming platforms.

'Rides on waves of dark and bombastic atmosphere' - guteshoerenistwichtig (Translated from German)

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